The PROINCOR Innovation Audit will analyze, evaluate and stimulate the innovation process and innovation environment in SME´s from a technical orientated sector.
The PROINCOR Innovation Audit will monitor the state of the art conerning innovation in SME´s.

What can the audit ?

Giving a monitoring report on the state of the art on innovation (process and environment) in companies. With this report the innovation advisor should be able to give further advices to improve the innovation system in the company.

How is the audit working ?

The PROINCOR Innovation Audit will include questions to the „innovation process and environemnt“ in companies.
The output will be two spider diagramms (one for the narrow innovation circle and one for the enabling factors)
The spiderdiagramms will be also interpreted in a written and oral way.

How will the audit be carried out?

In personal meetings within the companies. Two meetings within the companies are a „must“. In the first meeting the audit will be carried out and in the second meeting the audit will be interpreted.  The following meetings in the companies will have to task to offer  consultancy on innovation issues which came out of the audit.

Who is our target group?

SME´s with a technical orientation.

PROINCOR up to date

On 10th of September 2013 PROINCOR project partners will hold a conference “Planning efficient activities for innovation in SMEs in 2014-2020 perspective – experiences and recommendations from PROINCOR and other good practices”. The event will take place in Poznan, Poland

3rd PROINCOR Newsletter

The third PROINCOR Newsletter is available. See Download.

Report on country-specific innovation policies

The report on country-specific innovation policies in the PROINCOR countries is available. Please see Downloads...