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Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Bautzen GmbH

Preuschwitzer Str. 20
D-02625 Bautzen
+49 3591 3802020
+49 3591 3802021

TGZ Bautzen (in English: Bautzen Innovation Centre, abbreviation: TGZ) is a not-for-profit organisation. We act on behalf of our public shareholders, the town of Bautzen and the district Bautzen (330,000 inhabitants, area of 2,400 square kilometres). We work with our own management and a highly qualified staff to run the innovation centre (10,000 square metres office and production space) and to carry out regional, national and European projects promoting regional economic development and innovation. Bautzen Innovation Centre aims to contribute actively to technology advancement in the eastern part of Saxony (Upper Lusatia) by stimulating interaction and technology transfer between SMEs, industry, Higher Education Institutions, research centres and the public sector. Bautzen Innovation Centre supports the complex interactive process between research institutes and businesses including:

  • the creation of science-based start-ups (spin-off firms)
  • training for the implementation of new technologies in SMEs
  • joint strategic and applied research between academic institutions and companies

Bautzen Innovation Centre collaborates very close with the University of Cooperative Education in Bautzen in the fields entrepreneurship education and training and innovation management. The staff of Bautzen Innovation Centre has a lot of practical experience in the area of innovation management in SMEs. The in-house management offers competent support to newly established companies. More than 70 companies, half of them start-ups, have settled in Bautzen Innovation Centre since 1996. Up to now the rate of insolvency is just 6 %. About 500 knowledge-based jobs have been created.

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Business and Innovation Centre Frankfurt(Oder) Ltd.

Im Technologiepark 1
15236 Frankfurt(Oder)
+49 335 5571205
+49 335 5571110

A wide network of regional actors, like the Chambers, university institutes and town administration, have been working together with the BIC Frankfurt (Oder) in projects since many years. Working as a regional development organisation, the BIC Frankfurt (Oder) has strong relations with the regional bodies, SMEs, research institutes, the university of Frankfurt (Oder) and the university of applied sciences in Wildau, close to Frankfurt (Oder). Since its creation, the BIC Frankfurt (Oder) has established significant relations with prominent national and international organizations and has become a member of European networks and associations. The BIC Frankfurt (Oder) has already established good contacts with all bodies involved in Innovation and Technology. BIC Frankfurt (Oder) can stimulate the local/regional actors and develop spin-off activities in the sector of information technology.

The BIC Frankfurt (Oder) will take a vital role in the project due to its considerable experience with SME development schemes, innovation promotion initiatives and national and international project implementation. BIC Frankfurt (Oder) will also provide the partnership with useful insight into the implementation of Interreg projects. According to its capacities, BIC Frankfurt (Oder) is involved in every activity of the project. Its role is to provide the partnership with valuable information and professional assistance, an efficient implementation of activities responsibly.

Project Partner information: PP3

Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation, Poznan Science and Technology Park

Rubiez, 46
61-612 Poznan
(48 61) 8279 736
(48 61) 8279 746

PSTP runs a number of activities directed to regional and local authorities, SMEs, research organizations, and other local and regional organizations related to innovation, technology transfer, participation in EU framework programs and innovative entrepreneurship. PSTP is experienced in coordination of several European projects from 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Programmes. PSTP implemented also several projects financed by structural funds as leader (in majority cases) but also as partner from “The Integrated Regional Operational Programme” and "Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises Programme”. PSTP was a project partner of INTERREG III C North sub-projects within RFO STIMENT: “Territory Management Methods and Tools” and “Triple Helix”.

PSTP has had long experience in cooperation with organisations directly representing SME’s and with the research community. It provides services for technology transfer (technology audits, partners search, assistance in contracts) and assistance in participation in EU FP projects. Moreover PSTP is involved in many activities related with formulation of innovation policy, innovation awareness raising, projects promoting innovative entrepreneurship. PSTP has gained wide recognition in the research and business community in the region.
PSTP employs experienced staff in regional policy planning, innovation activities, technology transfer and information campaigns, information and consulting to research and industry representatives.

Project Partner information: PP4

Regional Development Agency - ARLEG S.A.

ul. Rataja 26
59-220 Legnica
+48 76 862 27 77
+48 76 862 09 68

For 17 ARLEG has participated in the process of transformation of local economy supporting SME's , by providing adequate tools and services facilitating their development and helping to improve their performance, as well as increasing their knowledge of  innovation in the products and production processes.In order to strenghten innovation of local companies and better using of regional R&D potential,  ARLEG has participated as an originator, in the close cooperation with local authorities and institutions, in the creation of the Regional Technological Incubator, which aim is to support processes of technology transfer by creating effective connections between R&TD institutions and economic entities and putting guided projects into practice. In 2005-2008 years, ARLEG participated in cooparation with Wroclaw University of Technology, in the implementation of 'Regional Innovation System Development' project in the frame of European Social Fund.

ARLEG will give a practical support to the project, LP and all partners, as a holder of expertise and methodological know-how in the SME's support system as well as exchange experience with other partners in relation to different approach to helping SME's  to express their innovative potential. ARLEG will also provide a broad network and contacts of actors at local and regional level, supporting LP with practical experience and technological back up to day to day management and implementation of the project.

Project Partner information: PP5

BIC innovation, legal corporation pool

Prikop 4
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic
+420 605 822 228

BIC innovation pool is a basic regional and international tool for international co-operation and partnership between the inovative SMEs and research on the local as well as international level. The capacity of the pool integrates the administration of 4 people as well as external capacities of members. This capacity is equipment to 5 project engineers. The implementation area is 3 regions of the Czech Republic and in relation to the specialised services in new technology projects for international cooperation is the activity responsible for whole Czech Republic. The way of the implemntation of the results BIC innovation managed the optimal number of innovative firms and its relation to the research institutions. The mental understanding is the role of BIC innovation as a intermediary.

Project Partner information: PP6

Styrian Business Promotion Agency SFG

Reininghausstraße 13
8020 Graz

The Styrian Busines Development Agency (SFG) supports business and the Styrian economy as such in different ways, namely by:- granting subsidies to to enterprises, especially for founders, R&D activities, qualification of employees, networking; - carrying out projects with companies (i.e. technology transfer projects, regional development projects); - setting up networks, for example cluster organisations; - providing infrastructure, so called "Impulse Centers", whihc comprise incubator centers, technology parks and innovation centers. There are now almost 30 Impulse centers in sytria, which provide companies with modern office space, workshops, seminar facilities, but also with a center management that offers aid and support in all questions that may arise. The general aim is to support the set up and the growth of business, to enhance the interaction between companies/policy makers/local players and by that enhance the economical development in Styria.

It is also an important task to promote Styria as a business location in Austria and abroad.

Project Partner information: PP7

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hajdú-Bihar County

Petofi tér 10.
4025 Debrecen

One of the main task of HBKIK is to improve and support the innovation of SME-s.  The system of innovation and technology audits will be implemented even after the finish of PROINCOR project, with the use of the know-how learned.  This will be done by own and external human capacities and financial resources.

Project Partner information: PP8

Technology Park Ljubljana Ltd.

Teslova 30
SI - 1000 Ljubljana
+386 1 6203 400
+386 1 426 18 79

TP-lj acts as a centre of innovation and incubation for high-tech companies. TP-Lj supports the creation and growth of new enterprises based on the results of resesarch from domestic universties and institutes. Latter increasingly use support of TP-Lj for hi-tech enterprises to create an environment in which innovtion, financing and production interact to accelerate the cycle of development of innovative products and services. It also assists companies in their development of new technologies, products and services and acessing the marketplace with implementation of new innovative schemes.  One of them is also tailored programme Fast Track (internationalisation) with the aim to provide better access to bussiness partners and RTD organizations.

In this respect, TP-Lj is leading partner in the field of innovation and research policy in the region as it is involved in drafting and proposing recommendations in the field of further development of policy on innovation and business support environment. Adittionally, TP-Lj serves as a hub for testing new projects and services for growth acceleration.

Project Partner information: PP9

BIC Incubatori FVG SPA

Via Flavia 23/1
34148 Trieste
+39 040 89921
+39 040 8992257

BIC Incubatori FVG SPA (briefly BIC FVG) promotes, supports and diffuses economic and entrepreneurial development in the region. Its mission is to increase the NUMBER, QUALITY and SIZE of innovative companies in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. Its shareholders are for 97% public institutions: Invitalia, the National Agency for enterprise development and foreign investment promotion in Italy; the Regional Administration throught the financial holding Friulia and two local Municipalities.
BIC FVG main competeces are about supporting internationally oriented start-ups through a regional network of business incubators - providing coaching and networking services tailored to the needs of innovative and knowledge-based enterprises. BIC FVG incubators are labelled with the EC-BIC quality trademark and, since establishment in 1989, incubated +180 start ups employing today nearly 2.000.

BIC FVG manages public financial tools for new companies located in disadvantaged areas (self-employed, micro-companies and franchising). It fosters international partnerships on behalf of regional companies intending to develop abroad and on behalf of foreign organizations willing to locate in the region ,which offer a great potential for collaborations in a variety of key specializations (e.g. life sciences, ICT, nanotech, advanced materials). BIC FVG is actively engaged in trans-national and inter-regional cooperation, track records include; projects in Central and Eastern Europe (e.g. Interreg IV; Interreg IIIA; Interreg II CADSES, DG Enterprise Action Cooperation & cluster-building among SMEs) ; projects aimed at facilitating the framework conditions for innovation and development of high tech sectors (e.g. nanotech -DG Research FP6, organization of the first EuroNanoForum with 2.000 participants from 43 countries; ICT, eContent projects; Satellite Navigation, CIP programme).

Project Partner information: PP10

Agency of Regional Development

1. máje 97/25
46001 Liberec
Czech Republic

ARR cooperates with various subjects on the field of innovation in the process of developing Regional Innovation Strategy of the Liberec Region. Thus ARR has close contacts and experience with subjects active in the field of innovations and can involve them to the project. Knowing their needs and obstacles will contribute to the realization of the project and implementation of its results: improve the innovation environment, especially their innovation potential; help to find cooperation with other innovation subjects. ARR is owned by the Regional Authority of Liberec which is also very important in the process of implementation of projects results. This can bring important benefits to the development of the Liberec region.

PROINCOR up to date

On 10th of September 2013 PROINCOR project partners will hold a conference “Planning efficient activities for innovation in SMEs in 2014-2020 perspective – experiences and recommendations from PROINCOR and other good practices”. The event will take place in Poznan, Poland

3rd PROINCOR Newsletter

The third PROINCOR Newsletter is available. See Download.

Report on country-specific innovation policies

The report on country-specific innovation policies in the PROINCOR countries is available. Please see Downloads...